What’s Giving Tuesday All About?

We’ve survived the rush of Black Friday – even with the hundreds of spammy emails and overwhelming feeling of guilt that we missed out if we didn’t get up at 3am for the greatest deal. We’ve even made it through the stress of crunching in credit card numbers and searching the […]

Google Featured Snippets for Nonprofits

You may have noticed on a Google Search Results page, that often times the first answer is in a rectangular box (as seen below). This is what the folks over at Google call a “Featured Snippet.” Read on to learn how Google featured snippets for nonprofits work and the way you might receive this placement. […]

Increasing Donor Retention: How To Follow-Up After Donations

Research shows that up to 70% of donors don’t make a second donation largely due to a lack of outreach post-donation (bloomerang.co and classy.org). This also results in a low donor retention rate. “…without follow-up on the part of recipient agencies, [donating] doesn’t create a lasting, sustainable relationship necessary for growth.” – Richard Freedlund, […]


Facebook Update: Fundraiser Pages for Nonprofit Donations

The newest feature to Facebook (as of Wednesday): dedicated donation pages called “Fundraisers.” Defining Facebook’s Fundraiser Pages: These fundraiser pages for nonprofit donations will not only encourage donations, but also will see them through in just a few clicks. This comes just a couple months after launching the Social Good team (the leaders of Facebook’s nonprofit and […]

2016 Nonprofit Marketing: Blueprint Your Content Strategy

A major issue with digital marketing? When putting all your nonprofit’s energy into pushing out new content and improving SEO, it can be a challenge to see the bigger picture. Unlike with easily-measurable factors like your nonprofit budget or numbers of volunteers and donors, with digital marketing it can be hard to measure how much your nonprofit’s online efforts […]

A Review of Great WordPress Plugins for Nonprofits

Using a WordPress platform for your nonprofit’s website often makes for a more user-friendly experience for all of us non-techie website administrators out there (to read about the benefits of WordPress check out WordPress Infographic). WordPress plugins for nonprofits can help in several website functionalities such as gathering information about website […]

Follow-Up Ideas for Nonprofits: Saying a Proper Thank You to Your Donors

With each new campaign, you put countless hours into rallying the support of volunteers and donors and in order to gather donations. Usually, it pays off in financial gifts from your newly excited donors. Now what? You’re tired and you’ve just seen the great ROI, so now is time to take a break. Amiright? We’d like to […]


Get Visitors to Stay on Your Website – Nonprofit SEO Tips

We probably all know that part of improving your nonprofit’s SEO includes keeping visitors on your website and getting them to come back. However, many nonprofits still struggle to know how to do this. If you want visitors to find you, and then to keep coming back for longer sessions, your site needs to become more of […]