WordPress for Nonprofits | The Right CMS for a Nonprofit

When ArcStone discusses a potential website redesign, we mainly recommend WordPress for nonprofits. I wanted to understand why this is and what makes this content management system beneficial to many website developers and marketing managers. To do so, I spoke with web developers Chris and Erin who underlined their favorite aspects of the […]

The Right Social Media Networks for Your Nonprofit

The options for social media platforms these days seem endless, but there is probably only a handful of them that really fit your nonprofit and your target audience. The best advice our marketing manager Joli has is to pick only a few. Let’s review her description of the top social platforms. […]

How to Configure List Segmentation for Email Marketing

With its high ROI, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective tools in an inbound marketer’s toolkit. However, we’ve all clicked unsubscribe and seem to be doing so more frequently. What’s a nonprofit to do to maintain the contact list for which it’s worked so hard? As discussed […]

Determining If a Text-to-Give Campaign Fits Your Fundraiser

We’ve all heard of a text-to-give campaign and how it can be hugely beneficial for your nonprofit. However, before committing to a mobile fundraiser, we recommend fully hashing out the details to determine if this method is the right fit. We’ve listed some pros and cons for you to consider. Be sure to download […]

6 Chrome Extensions For Nonprofit Marketers

In a recent blog, a few of the marketers at ArcStone pointed out some of their favorite tools to help build content, improve analytics and increase lead generation. Now let’s take a look at how free Chrome Extensions that help nonprofits can work for you and your marketing goals. For content creation […]

2016 Design Trends for Nonprofits – 3 Changes to Consider

The trends in web design are ever-evolving and it can be a challenge to keep up with the best. Yet the importance of an appealing website is ever-growing. This is especially true as a nonprofit that is trying to draw in a vast audience – the donors, volunteers, those in […]


Nonprofits Using Google Analytics – Get Tracking with the Right Metrics

As a nonprofit with many different types of users on your site (donors, volunteers, users, communities), knowing who is on your site, where they came from, and what their behavior on your site looks like is essential. Nonprofits using Google Analytics are one step closer to understanding these aspects, but some fail […]


Would YOU Read Your Newsletter? Best Practices for Nonprofit Email Marketing

For nonprofits marketers, creating a newsletter takes time and doesn’t seem to deliver much value. Recipients don’t always appreciate the newsletter because either they never opted in to receive it or the content isn’t relevant to them. However, I firmly believe that email marketing is one of the most underutilized marketing channels […]

How To Handle Negative Reviews Online, as a Nonprofit Organization

Who would have thought that someone could say something bad about a well-intentioned organization? It happens – especially since nonprofits support causes that can be controversial and especially since social media is an easy platform to use for negative speech. No matter our surprise, nonprofits have to deal with the comment […]