What’s Missing in Nonprofit Marketing? Optimized YouTube for Nonprofits

In a recent article from the Huff Post Business Blog, founder of WhyWhisper Collective, Alexandra Ostrow noted: “Nonprofits have been slower to adopt video, which is unfortunate, because video is particularly valuable for this sector.” This was stated after pointing to how YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It […]

How To Get Started with Inbound Marketing for Healthcare Companies

As a healthcare marketer, you’ve been watching the vast changes in healthcare marketing over the past few years (read more in State of Healthcare Marketing). However, with schedules and budgets stretched tight, it might be a change you’re resisting. This post can help you walk through some initial, manageable steps for […]

Increasing College Admissions with Audience Personas

There are thousands of colleges in the U.S., and the competition is fierce. If you’re working for a college or university on the development and marketing side of things, you’ve probably been stretched thin trying to target each one of your various audiences with your content marketing strategy. Your priorities […]

State of Healthcare Marketing 2016

With the onset of the Affordable Care Act along with the ever-evolving digital landscape, there’s no way that the state of healthcare marketing could remain effective without evolving greatly through time… right? If you work in a marketing or development role in the healthcare realm, we could all benefit by reading about the current […]

Subscribe to These 5 Nonprofit Marketing News Updates

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to stay even more aware of nonprofit marketing news, so before 2015’s year-end, I sought out to uncover some of the best nonprofit newsletters to subscribe to for 2016. 1. NPQ This is the place to come for a general overview of all things nonprofit. […]

Nonprofit Communication Versus Development Roles – Understanding the Overlap

“Communications Directors and Development Directors have conflicting goals. Development, of course, wants to retain and acquire donors. Communications wants to focus less on fundraising and more on brand awareness and engagement.” — Tech Impact, 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report In a 2015 Communications Trend Report, Tech Impact made the statement […]