Nonprofit Marketing Missed Opportunities (and resources to fix this)

Have you ever watched the Francis Alys video, “When Faith Moves Mountains“? It’s crazy what amazing changes can happen when people come together and use all the resources available in their community toolkit. In a similar way, it’s amazing what can happen for a nonprofit’s marketing presence on the web, when they optimize all the resources available to them. […]

Nonprofit WordPress Website Design: Masonic Heritage Case Study

Can a website generate interest in something that does not yet exist?  Indeed. By studying your potential audiences for your new project, business, or marketing campaign, you can design a site that speaks to their needs and in doing so, build up excitement around your project before it even happens. […]

Nonprofit WordPress Redesign – Masonic Home Case Study

Although Minnesota Masonic Home had a lot of traction offline, their online presence was limited. That’s why this nonprofit called on ArcStone to build them a site on which they could depend. They knew the effort would be worth it, seeing as their previous site was causing the organization more trouble than anything. […]

Best Nonprofit Bloggers to Start Following Now

1. On Nonprofit Fundraising: Future Fundraising Now. Jeff Brooks, creative director of a marketing company (TrueSense), has been writing about and involved with nonprofits for over a decade – focusing on the value of nonprofit fundraising. As Jeff puts it, nonprofits should, “know that fundraising is both a number-driven science and a […]