Facebook for Nonprofits – A Huge Helping Hand from Your Facebook Friend

Whether you’re just getting started with your nonprofit’s use of social media, diving deeper into raising awareness, or simply trying to raise funds, Facebook wants to be there for you. They recently launched “Facebook for Nonprofits” as a website to guide this effort. We want to do a quick recap to […]

3 Free Blog Tools to Check Before You Hit Publish

  Hitting the publish button on our Nerdy Nonprofit blog always gives me a tinge of anxiety. After hours of writing, it’s tempting to just quickly publish and forget about the details. Unfortunately, that can lead to a unoptimized and ineffective post, throwing the writing hours out the window. However, even when I ask […]

Need Nonprofit Fundraising Event Ideas? Use Reality TV as Inspiration

It’s a constant challenge nonprofits face, trying to get people to focus on YOUR nonprofit and YOUR fundraiser above all the other traffic out there. If this is a source of stress for your nonprofit, perhaps you need to think outside the box. Today our inspiration and advice lies in… […]


Unexpected Costs in a Nonprofit Marketing Budget – From re:charity

As I scoured the internet for more nonprofit resources and interesting nonprofit bloggers, I came across re:charity and was immediately pulled in. Brady covers a plethora of subjects and dives deep with his breadth of nonprofit experience. One such subject matter? 3 Costs Nonprofits Suck at Evaluating. Brady discusses nonprofit […]

Our Picks of Email Marketing Software for Nonprofits [Infographic]

Over the last several years, ArcStone has tried dozens of email marketing software services. Now we’ve sought out to compare three of the best viable options for our clients. Review the infographic below and then check out our advice regarding email marketing software for nonprofits specifically. View full size PDF here Which email marketing […]

Improving A Nonprofit AdWords Campaign – Case Study

Did you know your nonprofit might qualify for $10,000 in Google Grants? If you didn’t, read more in “Nonprofits Have No Fear: Google For Nonprofits Is Here“. If you read this question and your immediate response is, “So what? They don’t work!” Think again. We want to walk you through how […]

Examples of Great Nonprofit Websites Using WordPress

We sought out to uncover examples of great nonprofit websites built in WordPress in hopes you can follow suit for your nonprofit. Read about what design choices each nonprofit made which aided their mission, and how WordPress plugins and features helped as well. Then consider downloading Idealware’s WordPress report to better understand plugin capabilities. […]

Review of WordPress for Nonprofits

Why is it that 16 million websites use WordPress? To explain why ArcStone and Idealware answer this question with a resounding “YES!” they paired up and put together a review of WordPress for nonprofits. The Landscape of WordPress for Nonprofits emphasizes how WordPress works especially well for this industry. Let’s review what you’ll learn […]

Nonprofit WordPress Site Design Before and After – Simpson Housing Services

Before meeting ArcStone, Simpson Housing Services had developed a strong nonprofit, with much-needed services for their community. They even had an exciting new logo and had undergone a rebranding process to keep their image consistent across the board. However, their site was still behind. The outdated aesthetics didn’t match the new branding. The […]