Focusing your nonprofit’s social media efforts [Podcast + Worksheet]

What are your greatest priorities when it comes to digital marketing? And what are some of the biggest obstacles your nonprofit faces as you pursue these goals? These are some of the questions we asked to the nonprofit marketing, tech and communications teams at the Nonprofit Tech and Communications Conference […]

Content management tools for nonprofits

Our marketing manager Joli is juggling quite a bit of content. Not only does she help with our ArcStone blog (most notably with her Tuesday Tidbit), but she also works with 10+ clients helping to strategize their website content, blog posts, social media and beyond. If her content was just […]

Why try nonprofit storytelling via video? Success story from Scholarship America

Every nonprofit has a story, and chances are it’s one that pulls on readers’ heartstrings. Scholarship America caught my attention through their Dreamkeepers video series, which showcases students who used the program’s emergency financial aid grants to stay in school. I reached out to their team and they excitedly shared how […]

When should nonprofits invest in display ads?

As nonprofit marketers, we love free tools. Budgets are tight and we need any productivity and cost-saving hack we can get. That’s why we squeal with excitement over Google Ad Grants (and if you haven’t gotten yours yet, PLEASE do yourself a favor and read this post). However, I want […]

Celebrate the little marketing wins – June Nonprofit Marketing News

As we enter summer, it’s a good time to celebrate achievement! Even with limited resources and staff, nonprofits of all sizes make a great impact. We liked this post from NP Tech for Good that shows you things you ARE doing right – 10 Signs Your Small Nonprofit Excels at Social […]

Some easy ways to grow your nonprofit email database

If you’ve witnessed the power of email marketing for your nonprofit already, you know the value of a new contact in your database. You also likely work and work to get that treasured contact info at your events or through signup forms, but did you know that there are some […]

3 Ways A Nonprofit Web Design Became More Affordable – Case Study

Most every nonprofit recognizes the importance of an updated website, but few can afford a redesign. With a client’s tight budget in mind, ArcStone found 3 ways to cut the cost of a nonprofit web design, making it more affordable. In the end, the MN branch of Kids In Need still […]