A nonprofit’s guide to social media posts [Infographic]

Sometimes it’s tempting to hand all our social media accounts over to the youngest person on a nonprofit staff. They know social media better than you, right? The problem with that is they might not know your nonprofit as well as your senior staff does. Since establishing a strong voice on […]

Pokémon Go + your nonprofit – July Nonprofit Marketing News

If you haven’t been hiding out at the summer cabin the past few weeks, it’s likely you’ve at least heard of Pokémon Go, if not been tempted to play it at all your lunch breaks. You may even be sick of hearing about it by now, however, this post from […]

A free (mini) website audit for your nonprofit

It’s tempting to keep things as-is as you try to conquer the day in the nonprofit realm, especially when it comes to your website. It’s challenging to take the time to review your current digital marketing progress, let along invest more of your tight budget into improving it. Despite this temptation, we all know […]

Free advertising credits for Minnesota-based nonprofits

This week MinnPost announced they are granting free advertising credits to Minnesota-based nonprofits. Their program is called MinnPost FAN Club, with FAN standing for Free Advertising for Nonprofits. This program will reward advertising credit for their magazine based on which nonprofits are nominated by members. Platinum members of their magazine […]


Where the micro-moment meets the nonprofit

If you keep an eye on marketing trends, you may have heard of the term micro-moments. With Google’s help, many marketers are trying to meet their customers via this type of search. What is a micro-moment to begin with? And why should your nonprofit care? A micro-moment defined: According to […]