Get your lower-budget audience involved on Giving Tuesday

As a nonprofit, of course you want donations on Giving Tuesday, and a lot of your attention goes towards that. However, according to the independent sector, the financial value of a volunteer working in the U.S. is $23.07 per hour. Moreover, volunteers are twice as likely to donate as non-volunteers (GiveGab […]

5 reasons for nonprofits to be thankful – November Nonprofit Marketing News

Happy Thanksgiving! (Recipe from our team here ») A reminder of why your nonprofit can be thankful… – The Nerdy Nonprofit – November 2016 –  #1. Your own nonprofit work & all the good you do. Capterra posted “7 Reasons to Be Thankful for Nonprofits.” It’s a sweet and encouraging post you should […]

Why voter turnout matters to your nonprofit

Seth Godin wrote a concise and powerful post on the importance of voting – not just for the general well-being of our democracy, but moreover, what it means to the nonprofit realm when people don’t vote. If we reason that we won’t vote because neither of the candidates are good enough, […]


When writing a nonprofit Unique Value Proposition, think personal value

We all have good intentions when crafting our nonprofit’s Unique Value Proposition, however we often put the focus on us. We get so caught up in defining what our nonprofit is seeking to do (what should be written in our Mission Statement), we forget about communicating why that should matter to our […]