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5 Ways Nonprofits Use Pinterest


If you haven’t considered Pinterest as a possibility in your nonprofit marketing strategy for 2016, you might want to think again. It’s the 3rd most popular social network available, yet many of us overlook it as we assume Facebook and Twitter are more worth our time. We’ve found plenty of nonprofits that view Pinterest as more than a DIY craft hub or recipe book.

Before diving in, think about a few concerns. Make sure you have the time to devote to Pinterest before adding yet another social platform. You don’t want to put it out there if it’s not going to be well-monitored.  You could put that time into improving your pre-existing platforms, plus you don’t want people to see your board as under-developed. However, if you have the attention to give it and your audience is full of avid pinners, it’s a great way to get more content out there and engage with followers.

Hubspot, Sprout Social and Marketingland have pointed us to examples and stats that underline Pinterest’s power. Nonprofits use Pinterest as…

1. a website

Although having an actual website is probably a more effective option for you, there is definitely a way to use Pinterest as a hub in itself. optimizes Pinterest by using boards as web pages. They have boards such as “Who we are” and “How we can help” to provide visually-driven information. It works especially well for them since their target audience is breast cancer survivors and they use a lot of graphics to tell their story.


2. a video database

Rather than just depending on Youtube as a space to hold all your nonprofit’s videos, you can put them on Pinterest boards. The Gates Foundation puts their favorite videos on their page, using clever titles and captivating images to get people to watch them or to pin them to watch later.

3. a thank you to sponsors & supporters

There are many ways to thank sponsors, volunteers and donors, but recognizing them on this platform with their own pin and personalized note, could be a way they haven’t been thanked before. ASPCA thanks their partners and supporters through a board which also serves as a nice visual representation of who supports them.

4. a show & tell board for unique ways to donate

The more creative people can be when donating and campaigning for a cause, the more traction it can get on social platforms. charity: water pins interesting ways that people have fundraised on their board, Creative Fundraising. With idea-generation at the core of this website’s purpose,  you can use it as a way to get donors and volunteers to be creative and excited about your cause.

5. a storytelling board

Even though the American Red Cross has a long history, they are able to tell their story on one page. Their Pinterest page is rich with images and stories of what makes their organization unique. You can tell an entire story through effective imagery and insightful pins. The hope is that people will pin one image they like, land on your board, and then continue to read through your full history.

You can discover some more ways nonprofits use Pinterest in Hubspot’s blog, 10 Nonprofits That Are Totally Nailing Pinterest Marketing or look at some of Pinterest’s success stories.