The rise in donations after election collided with this nonprofit’s redesign perfectly.


Regardless of how you felt about the turn of events post-presidential election, it’s become evident that since then, post election donations are higher than ever. With this in mind, your nonprofit’s donation and overall conversion potential is also on the rise; the need for a good site with a strong user experience is even more immediate.

To keep up with the heightened web traffic post-election, pre-Giving Season or whatever the busy period may be, there are a few aspects in which your site redesign or tweaks should hone in to improve your user’s experience. One such area? Your web forms.

In fact, a recent project with client Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities highlighted the truth to this and the timeliness of their website redesign with ArcStone. They’ve seen an uptick in volunteerism and donations since the election. One reason they point to is an unexpected referral from a, encouraged people to get involved with a nonprofit like BBBS. See excerpt below:


In regards to the number of people they’ve seen complete their volunteer signup form, Director of Communications and PR, Gail Vold Greco excitedly reported:

“Last we knew, we were at about triple our normal week, and I suspect when I add in the last day we’ll be closer to 4x. It’s amazing and I’m SOOOOOO happy that they’re encountering our beautiful slick new website rather than that old mess.”

Before this success, they were dealing with a higher drop-off rate on their web forms than is ideal. The fact that they were using a non-responsive site likely contributed to this, seeing as 38% of their leads used mobile devices. Think of it: if they had held off on their website redesign, they could have lost many of these new volunteers, leads and potential donors. 

In order to lessen the form drop-off rate, we used a favorite WordPress plugin, Gravity Forms to build their new site forms. For their informational session signup form, mentor referral form and their event signup, we were able to improve the usability of the forms. Another benefit to BBBS is in their easy-to-use CMS, WordPress; tweaks to these forms take a matter of minutes rather what it used to take (all the time and money communicating back and forth with their web developer).screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-2-12-11-pm screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-2-12-21-pm

This goes to show, if you’re debating whether or not your nonprofit can afford to invest in some website tweaks, if not a full redesign, it’s important to take into account how big the return could be, especially if the timing is right. Learn about the full BBBS case study or talk to ArcStone’s team if you think it’s time to make some tweaks to your nonprofit’s site.