Learnings from #TrendingNorth – January Event by Ad Fed MN

Last night, my coworker Annie (business developer at ArcStone) and I attended the #TrendingNorth event hosted at The Social Lights, sponsored by Ad Fed MN. In a nut shell, we received a fresh zest of social media inspiration that might help your nonprofit as well. A common tendency of many of […]


When writing a nonprofit Unique Value Proposition, think personal value

We all have good intentions when crafting our nonprofit’s Unique Value Proposition, however we often put the focus on us. We get so caught up in defining what our nonprofit is seeking to do (what should be written in our Mission Statement), we forget about communicating why that should matter to our […]


Can your nonprofit content marketing empower people (and earn them as supporters)?

Nonprofit content marketing often revolves around “the ask.” Generally speaking, a nonprofit marketing campaign’s ultimate goal is to drive funds, volunteers and support for their cause. Hence, most digital content leads towards a plea for help. What if, instead, your nonprofit refocused some of your content production goals; at creating content that empowers your audience. Rather than […]


How to create brand ambassadors for your nonprofit

When Kate Middleton wore a blue dress to announce her engagement to Prince William, the dress sold out. Moreover, rumor has it the company producing the dress almost went bankrupt to keep up with the demand of new customers (EOnline). Now what does this style icon have to do with your […]


3 creativity boosters for your nonprofit marketing strategy

Although the school year or start to a new season can be rejuvenating for some, it can cause others to need some serious creative inspiration. I recently took a trip to Europe, starting my fall off with more umph than ever before. Looking around such innovative cities – namely Berlin […]

Olympics + your nonprofit – August Nonprofit Marketing News

With so much focus on fundraising in the nonprofit world, we often forget to reflect on what to do before we ask for money. This post, “Nonprofit marketing isn’t all about the ask” with thoughts from Gary Vaynerchuk, may help you reassess your messaging goals. More on what we found important to […]

Increasing College Admissions with Audience Personas

There are thousands of colleges in the U.S., and the competition is fierce. If you’re working for a college or university on the development and marketing side of things, you’ve probably been stretched thin trying to target each one of your various audiences with your content marketing strategy. Your priorities […]

How To Handle Negative Reviews Online, as a Nonprofit Organization

Who would have thought that someone could say something bad about a well-intentioned organization? It happens – especially since nonprofits support causes that can be controversial and especially since social media is an easy platform to use for negative speech. No matter our surprise, nonprofits have to deal with the comment […]