Taking Notes From 2015’s Best Nonprofit Marketer

Upon receiving the title, “Best Nonprofit Marketer” of 2015, Ettore Rossetti reflected, “It just takes one innovative idea to transform an organization” (American Marketing Association Foundation). Rossetti leads the charge for Save the Children‘s marketing and fundraising. Once you scroll through their multiple social platforms and read about their innovative fundraising strategies, you […]

Audience Persona Development: A Guide from ArcStone

The development of personas is crucial in web design and marketing strategy, yet it is often overlooked. We put so much time and energy into producing content, keeping our social media accounts active and driving traffic to our site, but do we even know if our efforts are effective for our audience? Or better yet, if any of […]


Nonprofits Market to Millennials, Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the profound impact millennials can have on your nonprofit. Knowing how to cater your nonprofit’s programs and projects to appeal to millennials was in part one, but knowing how to show them what you’re doing in the first place is perhaps an even greater feat. Read on for the […]

Flip Your Mission Statement to Craft a Better Homepage

Whenever I’m looking for great examples of nonprofit online marketing I seem to turn to “charity: water.” Their incredibly straightforward name, great design and simple mission allows them to be very effective marketers. charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. It can’t […]


How Do You Sum Up a Nonprofit Online?

If you are a nonprofit, it is likely that your organization has a pretty profound story to tell. You started with a single mission, and it’s grown and evolved through time. This rich history has been filled with impactful experiences, wonderful people, and progress – all of which accumulates into your story. So how […]

Cutting Through the Nonprofit Noise

We (ArcStone) started The Nerdy Nonprofit after noticing a gap in digital strategy and resources available to the nonprofit community. There is a lot of content out there focused on one-off tactics and tricks to help with aspects such as growing your Facebook following or writing a better newsletter. However, as a […]