Where should all nonprofit website or marketing projects start?

Looking back before moving forward. It’s not the most exciting thing to do. However, the results have proven essential to nonprofits as they approach any website project. Many nonprofits that come to ArcStone for help already have a website. They come to us because their site isn’t doing what they […]


Not ready for a new nonprofit website design? Start with a landing page instead

Not many nonprofits have the budget for a full-on website redesign, at least not until a lot of grant writing has been done. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t room for any site tweaks, if prioritized above other expenses. This post highlights the necessity of quality landing pages and why they might be […]


Free graphic design software: Create with Canva for Nonprofits

For two years in my marketing role at ArcStone, I have used Canva almost daily. With the combination of free stock images and Canva, I create rock solid graphics for free in less than 20 minutes. Currently I use the free version of Canva as we already pay for the […]


How much does your nonprofit lose with your outdated website?

Many think of a nonprofit website design as an expense that would eat up too much of a tight budget. However, as we’ve seen with several of ArcStone’s nonprofit clients, the cost of not redesigning a site can actually be higher. How can you tell if your nonprofit falls into […]

Our favorite nonprofit websites of 2017

Although you don’t have the most money or the biggest team, nonprofits do have a leg up when it comes to grabbing attention and pulling heartstrings. They have more potential for the most compelling Unique Value Propositions, calls to action, video content and the like. If you can somehow come up […]

10 nonprofit website best practices + more – September Nonprofit Marketing News

What if you could show your donors first hand the problems your nonprofit is seeking to solve? Well HOPE International is doing exactly that with virtual reality. You can read more about the cool concept and impact here. – The Nerdy Nonprofit – September 2016 – Software: Does your nonprofit need marketing automation? From HubSpot Marketing automation software […]

A free (mini) website audit for your nonprofit

It’s tempting to keep things as-is as you try to conquer the day in the nonprofit realm, especially when it comes to your website. It’s challenging to take the time to review your current digital marketing progress, let along invest more of your tight budget into improving it. Despite this temptation, we all know […]

3 Ways A Nonprofit Web Design Became More Affordable – Case Study

Most every nonprofit recognizes the importance of an updated website, but few can afford a redesign. With a client’s tight budget in mind, ArcStone found 3 ways to cut the cost of a nonprofit web design, making it more affordable. In the end, the MN branch of Kids In Need still […]