Examples of Great Nonprofit Websites Using WordPress

We sought out to uncover examples of great nonprofit websites built in WordPress in hopes you can follow suit for your nonprofit. Read about what design choices each nonprofit made which aided their mission, and how WordPress plugins and features helped as well. Then consider downloading Idealware’s WordPress report to better understand plugin capabilities. […]

Review of WordPress for Nonprofits

Why is it that 16 million websites use WordPress? To explain why ArcStone and Idealware answer this question with a resounding “YES!” they paired up and put together a review of WordPress for nonprofits. The Landscape of WordPress for Nonprofits emphasizes how WordPress works especially well for this industry. Let’s review what you’ll learn […]

Nonprofit WordPress Site Design Before and After – Simpson Housing Services

Before meeting ArcStone, Simpson Housing Services had developed a strong nonprofit, with much-needed services for their community. They even had an exciting new logo and had undergone a rebranding process to keep their image consistent across the board. However, their site was still behind. The outdated aesthetics didn’t match the new branding. The […]

How to Choose a Digital Agency for Your WordPress Site

Your nonprofit is currently working with or considering using WordPress for your website. Or perhaps your past webmaster or developer has left – and you are looking for a long-term agency to rely on. You don’t know who can or who should help. There’s many factors that go into your site – the design, […]

Nonprofit WordPress Website Design: Masonic Heritage Case Study

Can a website generate interest in something that does not yet exist?  Indeed. By studying your potential audiences for your new project, business, or marketing campaign, you can design a site that speaks to their needs and in doing so, build up excitement around your project before it even happens. […]

Nonprofit WordPress Redesign – Masonic Home Case Study

Although Minnesota Masonic Home had a lot of traction offline, their online presence was limited. That’s why this nonprofit called on ArcStone to build them a site on which they could depend. They knew the effort would be worth it, seeing as their previous site was causing the organization more trouble than anything. […]

2016 Design Trends for Nonprofits – 3 Changes to Consider

The trends in web design are ever-evolving and it can be a challenge to keep up with the best. Yet the importance of an appealing website is ever-growing. This is especially true as a nonprofit that is trying to draw in a vast audience – the donors, volunteers, those in […]

Fun & (mostly) Free Tools for Nonprofits: 5 Sites to Create Your Own Font

As a nonprofit, it’s not a bad idea to take advantage of affordable, if not free, tools, especially when they help provide originality to your site and social posts. One method to improving your creativity? Font. A method to improving your font’s originality? Creating your own. That’s why we’d like to review a few […]


Writing a Nonprofit RFP – Why It Matters & How to Improve Yours

What is an RFP? RFP: “A request for proposal” – a solicitation, often made through a bidding process, by an agency or company interested in procurement of a commodity, service or valuable asset, to potential suppliers to submit business proposals. Why is writing a nonprofit RFP necessary? If you’ve ever […]