Why voter turnout matters to your nonprofit

Seth Godin wrote a concise and powerful post on the importance of voting – not just for the general well-being of our democracy, but moreover, what it means to the nonprofit realm when people don’t vote. If we reason that we won’t vote because neither of the candidates are good enough, […]

Pumpkins for a purpose – October Nonprofit Marketing News

Pumpkin spice and everything nice is finally here. Can your nonprofit do something with this season? Check out how Akard True Value Hardware raised money for nonprofits via “Pumpkins for a Purpose” and got their whole town and Facebook community involved too! Here’s the full story. – The Nerdy Nonprofit – October 2016 […]

Nonprofit staff bonding or fundraiser idea – Olympics

In our ArcStone office, we were rather inspired by the athletes of Rio this year. Rather than merely watching the games, we decided to participate, to the best of our abilities. When you put together designers, developers and business gurus, the competition gets fierce. Continue reading if you want to take […]


What motivates people to take action for your cause? [Infographic]

Day to day, we often get caught up in many little things and neglect the bigger picture: what motivates us? Better yet, what motivates the people we work with and to whom we market towards? Same phenomena happens with your nonprofit. Donors, volunteers and the community at large says, “yeah, […]


Nonprofit marketing isn’t all about the ask – thoughts from Gary Vaynerchuk

In a recent post by Gary Vaynerchuk entitled “Nonprofit Marketing: The Same Rules Apply” had us thinking about what is missing in many nonprofit’s marketing strategies. We often focus on “the ask” or the part where we ask for money to keep our nonprofit going. Although enticing your client act/purchase might […]

Pokémon Go + your nonprofit – July Nonprofit Marketing News

If you haven’t been hiding out at the summer cabin the past few weeks, it’s likely you’ve at least heard of Pokémon Go, if not been tempted to play it at all your lunch breaks. You may even be sick of hearing about it by now, however, this post from […]