Celebrate the little marketing wins – June Nonprofit Marketing News

As we enter summer, it’s a good time to celebrate achievement! Even with limited resources and staff, nonprofits of all sizes make a great impact. We liked this post from NP Tech for Good that shows you things you ARE doing right – 10 Signs Your Small Nonprofit Excels at Social […]

The Nerdy Nonprofit Podcast – Why I Chose Nonprofit Over Corporate

As explained in our “A Quick Recap” post, we attended the Nonprofit Tech and Communications Conference this spring and recorded a podcast with several attendees. The sum of their various roles and perspectives gave us an ample amount of content to digest. For the first of our series, we decided to focus in […]

Spring Marketing and Tech News for Nonprofits – Plus a Podcast is Brewing

Here’s our April newsletter: Pointing you to a tech conference, our upcoming podcast, technology and fundraising advice, and more. Being closely tied to technology, marketing, and nonprofits, we decided to attend the Nonprofit MN Tech/Communications Conference next Tues. and are interviewing attendees for a podcast. If you have something to say about […]

A Nonprofit Donation Wish List – How Amazon Can Help Your Nonprofit

One of our web design clients found a creative way to pull in some donations, so we thought we’d share some inspiration. YouthLink, a Minnesota-based nonprofit helping homeless youth, has a nonprofit donation wish list on Amazon to help bring supplies in. Amazon is making donations easy as a click […]

Need Nonprofit Fundraising Event Ideas? Use Reality TV as Inspiration

It’s a constant challenge nonprofits face, trying to get people to focus on YOUR nonprofit and YOUR fundraiser above all the other traffic out there. If this is a source of stress for your nonprofit, perhaps you need to think outside the box. Today our inspiration and advice lies in… […]

Nonprofit Communication Versus Development Roles – Understanding the Overlap

“Communications Directors and Development Directors have conflicting goals. Development, of course, wants to retain and acquire donors. Communications wants to focus less on fundraising and more on brand awareness and engagement.” — Tech Impact, 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report In a 2015 Communications Trend Report, Tech Impact made the statement […]

Determining If a Text-to-Give Campaign Fits Your Fundraiser

We’ve all heard of a text-to-give campaign and how it can be hugely beneficial for your nonprofit. However, before committing to a mobile fundraiser, we recommend fully hashing out the details to determine if this method is the right fit. We’ve listed some pros and cons for you to consider. Be sure to download […]

What’s Giving Tuesday All About?

We’ve survived the rush of Black Friday – even with the hundreds of spammy emails and overwhelming feeling of guilt that we missed out if we didn’t get up at 3am for the greatest deal. We’ve even made it through the stress of crunching in credit card numbers and searching the […]

Increasing Donor Retention: How To Follow-Up After Donations

Research shows that up to 70% of donors don’t make a second donation largely due to a lack of outreach post-donation (bloomerang.co and classy.org). This also results in a low donor retention rate. “…without follow-up on the part of recipient agencies, [donating] doesn’t create a lasting, sustainable relationship necessary for growth.” – Richard Freedlund, […]