Facebook Update: Fundraiser Pages for Nonprofit Donations

The newest feature to Facebook (as of Wednesday): dedicated donation pages called “Fundraisers.” Defining Facebook’s Fundraiser Pages: These fundraiser pages for nonprofit donations will not only encourage donations, but also will see them through in just a few clicks. This comes just a couple months after launching the Social Good team (the leaders of Facebook’s nonprofit and […]

Follow-Up Ideas for Nonprofits: Saying a Proper Thank You to Your Donors

With each new campaign, you put countless hours into rallying the support of volunteers and donors and in order to gather donations. Usually, it pays off in financial gifts from your newly excited donors. Now what? You’re tired and you’ve just seen the great ROI, so now is time to take a break. Amiright? We’d like to […]

Ideas for Nonprofit Fundraising – From Give to the Max Day, 2015

Final ‪#‎GTMD15‬ Stats! $18,063,598 raised. 121,095 gifts. 62,740 donors. Benefitting 5,694 nonprofits and schools. Thank you, Minnesota! The quote above comes from the Facebook post GiveMN published after their day of success. They were able to rally the community behind a day of BIG giving, that goes on to benefit the […]


Nonprofits Market to Millennials, Part 3

In earlier posts, Nonprofits Market to Millennials Part 1 & 2, we discussed how your nonprofit can both create programs that engage the millennial generation and then how you can promote these programs on the appropriate social media platforms that reach them. But how do you craft your nonprofit’s overall message […]

Prepare for #GivingTuesday in 7 Steps

Before the big day arrives, you can prepare for Giving Tuesday early. Read on for 7 steps to take now that will help you out down the road. Plan out a social media strategy, keeping in mind that hashtags and imagery can increase click-through rates, especially those that include #GivingTuesday. First create […]


Nonprofits Market to Millennials, Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the profound impact millennials can have on your nonprofit. Knowing how to cater your nonprofit’s programs and projects to appeal to millennials was in part one, but knowing how to show them what you’re doing in the first place is perhaps an even greater feat. Read on for the […]


Nonprofits Market to Millennials, Part 1

A few of us may be guilty in assuming that Millennials only spend time on their phones, addicted to technology and not really involved in the outside world. However, this view is rather outdated, with research showing that Millennials are eager to get involved politically, socially, fiscally and most notably, with […]

Facebook’s Donate Now Call-To-Action Feature

Seeing as it’s become many users’ platform of choice for staying active with social and political causes, Facebook has decided to open up their “donate now” call-to-action feature to all nonprofits. According to an article in Facebook’s donate now option was released back in December 2013, but that was only for a select […]