How to ensure your nonprofit video is worth the expense.

There was an awesome Minneapolis nonprofit event recently and I wanted to be sure you got to hear about it. Jenna – the digital strategist who founded this blog – and Nick – ArcStone’s video producer – attended the AMA event entitled, “Practical Content Marketing for Nonprofits.” The idea Nick and […]


How to find an SEO agency for your nonprofit

We’ve had several nonprofit clients reach out, asking why we didn’t warn them about an SEO issue with their site. We then explain to them, the reality is their site doesn’t have an issue, and instead an agency is merely trying to scare them into purchasing their SEO service. Our VP […]


Start a nonprofit blog to increase engagement with your cause

When first helping nonprofits develop their marketing strategy, one of ArcStone’s primary objectives is getting them set up with a blogging strategy. Nonprofit blogs hold huge potential. They contribute to huge gains in several main goals such as spreading the word about your cause, reigning in donors, and getting people to […]


5 nonprofit newsletter tips for increasing engagement

Why do you bother to write a nonprofit newsletter each month? Is it to update your donors and members on the latest happenings? To get people to look at your site? Or is it just so you can cross it off your to-do list? Hold up. Your newsletter is your chance to […]


Have a nonprofit intern? 5 assignments to benefit you and your intern

It’s likely that as the holiday season draws nearer and the pressure to bring in donors’ gifts is getting hefty, you could use the help of an intern. This is a great idea in theory, but simply having someone come in and make coffee runs or manage mundane tasks won’t […]