Social Media Images for Nonprofits – 4 Photo Optimization Tips

According to a study by eMarketer, Facebook posts that included photos received an 87% interaction rate compared to a mere 4% and below for links, video, and status updates. You may have heard that social media posts with photos receive far more attention than those without. With this in mind, you […]

Is Your Nonprofit Blogging? Why You Should Get Writing

“Marketing without a blog is like holding a wine tasting without the wine. Your blog is that hero ingredient that gets people raving about you.” – Amy Butcher, MarketingProfs We all know that if you can get people to rave about your nonprofit, they will probably support it if not also promote […]


5 Ways Nonprofits Use Pinterest

If you haven’t considered Pinterest as a possibility in your nonprofit marketing strategy for 2016, you might want to think again. It’s the 3rd most popular social network available, yet many of us overlook it as we assume Facebook and Twitter are more worth our time. We’ve found plenty of nonprofits that view Pinterest […]

Year-End Social Publishing – 5 Step Guide for Nonprofits

Here we go again: another year’s end on the horizon and a bit of anxiety as we realize how much more we have yet to accomplish. A recent webinar by a notable nonprofit marketing strategist, John Haydon, gave us some insightful tips and tricks on how to stay on top of your goals. Specifically […]


Not Fully Utilizing your Google Grant? Your Nonprofit is Missing Out

Over the past few months I have met with dozens of nonprofits. When asking about a Google Ad Grant, I typically get one of three responses. I have no idea what a Google Grant is, but wow, $10,000 a month in advertising would be great. Please send me more information. I think […]

Google Update! Using Customer Match to Engage Donors

The Latest from Google: Over the next few weeks a new feature, Customer Match, will be launched to improve Enhanced Campaigns. Read on to learn how you can optimize this for your nonprofit… *Do you have a Google AdWords Grant for your nonprofit? If you are unfamiliar or want some more help […]