The human, design and legal implications of web accessibility [Event]

ArcStone’s throwing an event later this month and would like you to come! The event, “The human, design and legal implications of web accessibility” covers some of the common questions about web accessibility. What does web accessibility really mean? What’s it like to use a screen reader to browse the web? […]


Google for Nonprofits – Free tools your nonprofit shouldn’t miss

It can be thrilling to click through on all the “2017 predictions” or “what to do this New Year” headlines, but hold off for a minute! Before you do so, did you take a look at what Google has offered your nonprofit? Google just took a step back to recap 3 […]


7 instances when it may be okay to DIY your nonprofit digital marketing

The Atlantic recently posted a daunting article, “The Plight of the Overworked Nonprofit Employee.” As if nonprofit marketers weren’t already stretching their tight budgets enough, the article indicates this may get worse. Due to a new law going into effect in December, “millions of employees who make less than [$47,476] will be […]

2016’s Minnesota Nonprofit Tech and Communications Conference – A Quick Recap

Lisa (ArcStone’s VP of Marketing), Jenna (our digital marketing strategist) and I (Chloe!) attended the MN Nonprofit Tech and Communications Conference this week and are feeling quite inspired. The event covered several topics, with a main focus on guiding nonprofits to make the best technology, database management and online strategy […]

3 Free Blog Tools to Check Before You Hit Publish

  Hitting the publish button on our Nerdy Nonprofit blog always gives me a tinge of anxiety. After hours of writing, it’s tempting to just quickly publish and forget about the details. Unfortunately, that can lead to a unoptimized and ineffective post, throwing the writing hours out the window. However, even when I ask […]

Our Picks of Email Marketing Software for Nonprofits [Infographic]

Over the last several years, ArcStone has tried dozens of email marketing software services. Now we’ve sought out to compare three of the best viable options for our clients. Review the infographic below and then check out our advice regarding email marketing software for nonprofits specifically. View full size PDF here Which email marketing […]

WordPress for Nonprofits | The Right CMS for a Nonprofit

When ArcStone discusses a potential website redesign, we mainly recommend WordPress for nonprofits. I wanted to understand why this is and what makes this content management system beneficial to many website developers and marketing managers. To do so, I spoke with web developers Chris and Erin who underlined their favorite aspects of the […]