6 Chrome Extensions For Nonprofit Marketers


In a recent blog, a few of the marketers at ArcStone pointed out some of their favorite tools to help build content, improve analytics and increase lead generation. Now let’s take a look at how free Chrome Extensions that help nonprofits can work for you and your marketing goals.

For content creation – Buzzsumo

  • how it works: Shows you what sort of “buzz” online content is getting (social shares, likes, etc.), helping you understand what content is trending so your marketing team can create blogs and social media posts that you know people will like.
    • drives traffic to your site
    • helps you become a thought leader for nonprofits if you can stay on top of the latest news

For content promotion – Buffer

  • how it works: Keeps all your social media accounts under one profile so you can share across several platforms at once
    • makes your content promotion game a lot more efficient as you don’t have to login to each account each time you want to share on multiple platforms
    • automates post for designated time periods so you don’t have to constantly go back and republish posts
    • provides you with a place to store your content for future posts

For Google Site Tools – Tag Assistant

  • how it works: Goes through your site to uncover any mistakes in your Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Tag Manager and more.
    • shows you which tags you should fix
    • assesses user’s flow through your site to help you improve your analytics

For Prospecting or Finding Client’s Contact Info – Email Hunter

  • how it works: Uses LinkedIn profiles to uncover work emails for your clients in case you need to get in touch after donation, volunteer events or the like
    • helps you with follow-up, providing a way to reconnect via email

Color Picker

  • how it works: You select the tool and then graze over a color on any web page. It records the color’s data so you can copy and paste it into your design tool.
    • aids in design – especially if you’re obsessed with a color and can’t seem to figure out what it is
    • boosts your site’s and social media post’s originality as you can add more original colors in your color scheme, fonts and imagery.

Industry Knowledge/ Research – Pocket

  • how it works: Saves content for future reading with just one click
    • allows you to come back to interesting articles later on
    • saves you time when you want to quickly put something on the back-burner while you’re in the middle of something else

It’s always wonderful to uncover free tools for nonprofits. For more, take a look at Google Apps for nonprofits and Five Affordable and Necessary Nonprofit Tech Tools.