Collective philanthropy & the potential it holds for nonprofit fundraising – Steve Boland Tedx


Charities respond rapidly to the changing winds of big foundations and corporate donors. If a group capable of writing a six-figure check says “We no longer fund X, we are all about funding Y!” – it becomes quite a buzz in nonprofit circles. Some organizations may even try to create new programs or shift mission statements to chase those big dollars.

But that isn’t where the big money is given.

GivingUSA shows us that most money given to support nonprofit work comes from individuals, not from institutions. Billions upon billions of dollars more. Most charities don’t chase the collective wisdom of the crowds in the same way, because it has been too hard to hear a common voice among millions of donors.

But that can change.

Collective philanthropy envisions tools to start a conversation with social donors in ways that impact giving. Steve Boland of Next in Nonprofits explains more in the video, and welcomes feedback and additional conversation at,, and anywhere donors may be talking.