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Content management tools for nonprofits


Our marketing manager Joli is juggling quite a bit of content. Not only does she help with our ArcStone blog (most notably with her Tuesday Tidbit), but she also works with 10+ clients helping to strategize their website content, blog posts, social media and beyond. If her content was just floating around in her head or even just on a notepad, she’d be lost. But she isn’t. She’s found a way to document and manage just about any client’s (including our nonprofit client’s) content strategy. This is facilitated with a few of her favorite tools, depending on the need of the client.

If you haven’t already, read about the importance of setting up your content marketing strategy, before reading the deeper-dive tips below.

First, to set up your nonprofit content strategy, she suggests…

  1. Meeting as a team, with everyone that will be contributing to website content, to fully flush out what writing style you’re going for and determine the overall strategy.
  2. Assigning content to the most appropriate person on your team, depending on the subject. This person is referred to as the subject matter expert (SME).
  3. Specifying due dates on each piece of content.
  4. Determining a process for content review before it goes live on the site or social pages.
  5. Setting up a process for uploading other content – optimized images, video, etc.
  6. Crafting a post-publishing plan – i.e. when posts will go out on social media, and any other methods in how you will get people to your site.

Then, Joli offers insight into some tools your nonprofit has to manage your content strategy…

1. Trello

On this tool, each piece of content gets placed on a card. Then these cards can be dragged across the columns, depending on which part of the process they are in (i.e. “to do,” “doing,” “done). The collaboration comes in as your team can join a Trello board, see each of these cards and where they’re at in the process, assign cards to team members depending on responsibility, upload files to the cards so Trello can serve as a filer, and comment on cards to discuss the content. ArcStone  and The Nerdy Nonprofit use Trello constantly.

2. CoSchedule

What’s great about CoSchedule is it has many of the same collaborative features as Trello, but it also connects to your website and your social media pages. This helps smooth the transition from strategy and management to content creation to promotion. Joli also loves the calendar view.

3. Buffer


If you’re feeling fairly confident about your content management, but simply need a tool to help with promotion, Buffer is a good fit for you. This tool is great for scheduling out your content more automatically, and then analyzing how this is working.

Need help creating and documenting your content strategy? We’d love to help. Contact our digital marketing team at ArcStone.