Review of Google Apps for Nonprofits – Free Tools for Nonprofits


Google can aid in numerous ways, especially with its free tools for nonprofits. Below we attached some blogs to point you to all the ways Google works for nonprofits as well as how you can get your accounts set up, following best practices.

1. Google Apps: Google Apps for Nonprofits


2. Google Ad Grants –  Not Fully Utilizing your Google Grant? Your Nonprofit is Missing Out

3. Google AdWords – Nonprofits AdWords Case Study and Google AdWords for Nonprofits: Best Practices

4. Google Analytics – Setup & Best Practices

5. YouTube – YouTube for Nonprofits – What Makes Video a Marketing Must

Our recent post, Google for Nonprofits is Here: Setup Guide also walks you through setting up an account with perks exclusive to your nonprofit. There are so many free tools for nonprofits, don’t miss out!