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Vital Nonprofit Blog SEO Tips You Can Implement Today


I’m always searching for the best kept SEO secrets to try out for rocking our clients’ and our own blogs’ SEO. Our digital marketing strategist pointed me to a golden ticket for SEO strategy, found on SumoMe: “17 Essential SEO Tips Your Blog Must Follow.” Some of these are especially wonderful for your nonprofit blog SEO improvement.

I’ve highlighted five areas you can fix now (without a developer) which nonprofits often neglect in their blog SEO strategy…

1. Key in on your Key Word/Phrase

It’s common for nonprofits to have idea for their next blogpost based on a reason event or case study – which is great for a blog. However, then that idea gets posted just for the sake of getting it out there, and in this haste, the blog isn’t optimized.

The first step to writing an SEO-friendly blog is to hone in on what phrase will help you show up on Google’s first page. For example, if your nonprofit supports solving the global water shortage, you may want to write a blog piece on the Flint Water Crisis and optimize around, “how to help with the Flint Water Crisis.” That way people with good intentions of helping, will search this phrase and hopefully click on your nonprofit.

Sometimes this is pure luck or completely unpredictable. But at least the SumoMe points to some easy hacks you can think of from the get-go.

2. Hype up Readers with Your Blog Headline

It blew me away how much time SumoMe spends on their headlines – way more than I would have thought to. But if they see this time as a worthy investment, maybe we should too.

Consider polling your nonprofit coworkers, reviewing social media posts that have received the most clicks, or reading this part of the SumoMe blog to improve your ability to captivate potential readers.

3. Speed up Page Load Time

Did you know Google actually lowers your rank if your blog loads slowly? Yes they know their audience well; web users will click of a page if it’s taking too long and find something better. Chances are your potential donors / volunteers / users are looking for quick answers. If they see your nonprofit page isn’t loading, they’ll look elsewhere. They may also assume your nonprofit is behind the times if your technology isn’t working.

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Use the tips from SumoMe.

4. Keep up with Content

This may go without saying, but it’s not enough to write 5 blogs when you launch your nonprofit site, and then just have them sitting there. Publish a post a week to start, even if it’s just a small news blurb reacting to something going on in the field, a case study with some quotes from a user of your services, or a recap on your latest event.

This isn’t just good for your readers, but as SumoMe points out, it’s good for web-crawlers. They basically see your blog as unhealthy if it hasn’t been updated regularly – similar to a check up at the doc, check in to your blog weekly.

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