Nonprofit Marketing Automation Software – How It Works For You


If you’re working for a nonprofit, it is likely your time is spread out, covering many different roles – marketing, PR, development, photography, design. You name it, you’ve been asked to do it. Wouldn’t it be nice if at least some of your work could happen automatically?

There’s a solution for that: nonprofit marketing automation software. Here at ArcStone we are a partner agency of the inbound marketing platform Hubspot. This is just one example of a tool that manages many aspects of your inbound marketing & marketing automation under one roof. Below, we can walk through what all it manages and what this could do for you.

First, a quick definition of Inbound Marketing from Hubspot:

Inbound marketing is “the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.”

By creating and promoting great content, you will bring more qualified visitors to your site. Once they are there, the hope is that they convert so you can automatically market to them using email, social and more. Marketing automation software allows your nonprofit to more efficiently reach each of your distinct audiences.

Through Hubspot ArcStone has…

1. Kept track of over 5,000 clients and contacts – assigning them to different audience personas in order to more effectively communicate with them


2. Sent out thousands of targeted and automated emails depending on their persona or action taken

3. Scheduled and monitored our social media platforms

4. Run reports on how these platforms are performing


5. Written hundreds of blogs & promoted them across our channels


6. Installed forms and workflows for our website

7. Designed landing pages and calls to action

Through a system like Hubspot, your nonprofit could…

1. Designate your contacts as “donors,” “volunteers,” “clients,” or otherwise, and then craft email campaigns and workflows to send to those different segments. Read about Audience Persona Development and communicating to these segments during a time like Giving Season.

2. Set up your year-end and Giving Tuesday social publishing campaign months in advance. It’s also easy to monitor how this is working each week and update it to improve your performance for the next week. Here’s more on prepping for your year-end campaign.

3. Write your blogs. This will also help you keep track of the top-viewed and help you edit and repurpose old versions. Not blogging yet? Read why you should in Nonprofit Blogging.

4. Update your website’s landing pages. With the tools within Hubspot, we are able to test and track the performance of our site’s web pages, and then update them accordingly. Here’s an example of how updates to landing pages can really work magic.

5. Design forms and workflows. With Hubspot, we can easily design landing pages and create forms without having a technical resource or designer. A really helpful feature are workflows, which will automate emails for keeping in touch with potential followers based an what action the take (also called a trigger). Our form below signs a user up for a workflow that sends them a “Thank You” for the email, and puts them on our Newsletter contact list.


There are endless possibilities when it comes to using marketing automation software. HubSpot offers a 20% discount to nonprofits and I’m sure other providers do as well.

If you’d like some help choosing the right fit for you, you can take a look at this infographic that compares some of the best. You could also contact ArcStone to see what we think would work best for your nonprofit.