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How to ensure your nonprofit video is worth the expense.


There was an awesome Minneapolis nonprofit event recently and I wanted to be sure you got to hear about it. Jenna – the digital strategist who founded this blog – and Nick – ArcStone’s video producer – attended the AMA event entitled, “Practical Content Marketing for Nonprofits.” The idea Nick and Jenna contributed was one that many of our nonprofit clients have brought up: How can you produce a more affordable nonprofit video? And better yet, how can we be sure it will last?Nick has been encouraging nonprofits to produce videos for years. His argument is that if you plan your nonprofit video carefully, you can produce one that will last you for years and will work well in several mediums.

The videos he produces for nonprofits have been filmed so that they can be easily sliced up to several lengths. In this way, the video can work on social media, in email campaigns, on a loop in the background of your website or as the full-length video at your gala.

So what does Nick use when he produces these videos? He shared a few of his secrets below.

Planning stage:

Production stage:

  • EcoMedia: A large organization that helps nonprofits with video
  • Voice Jockeys: Professional, low cost VO work
  • PremiumBeat: High quality and affordable music service

Examples of Nick’s work:

To view the full AMA event with several other nonprofit tips, check out livestream Jenna posted.