Nonprofit WordPress Website Design: Masonic Heritage Case Study

Can a website generate interest in something that does not yet exist? 

Indeed. By studying your potential audiences for your new project, business, or marketing campaign, you can design a site that speaks to their needs and in doing so, build up excitement around your project before it even happens. At ArcStone, we recently finished a nonprofit WordPress website design that’s helping to develop interest in the Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center before its completion.

Minnesota Masonic Charities approached ArcStone with this predicament: their new Masonic Heritage Center was still under construction, but they needed a way to garner excitement before its grand opening.

We decided to study their potential audiences for each of their venues: an event center, a museum, and a theater. Then we mapped out how each of these distinct groups might be inspired to act and eventually come to the event center. We asked:

Q: How might they learn about the Heritage Center?

Q: What information will be important to them at first contact?

Q: What would be an appropriate action for them to either become a lead or enter marketing campaigns? (subscribe, download, request a quote, etc.)

We went through this Q/A for each of the potential audiences, generating our ideal paths-to-contact and designing the WordPress site around those user paths.



The Heritage Center is set to open next summer, so the website will continue to evolve up until and after the grand opening.

With any similar nonprofit redesign project, it’s important to recognize your ultimate goal once visitors reach your site. The website design can do more than just bring about awareness. Your nonprofit can encourage visitors to donate, volunteer, download information, contact you for more information and more. Make sure that with each desired action, there’s a path to lead your visitor there.

If you need help determining your site’s goals and user flows, contact ArcStone today for a free consultation. You can also download our ebook on understanding your audience personas.