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Not Fully Utilizing your Google Grant? Your Nonprofit is Missing Out


Over the past few months I have met with dozens of nonprofits. When asking about a Google Ad Grant, I typically get one of three responses.

  1. I have no idea what a Google Grant is, but wow, $10,000 a month in advertising would be great. Please send me more information.
  2. I think we have a Google Grant? If we do, we rarely log in and don’t really have the resources to manage it
  3. We haven’t seen great results with running the ads. Our clients find us through referrals and we don’t really drive donations through the website

For #1, over half of the nonprofits I eagerly send the information off to never apply or log-in!

Why is this? Since when do nonprofits turn down free advertising?

Probably the same reason that #2 and #3 haven’t found success either; AdWords is complicated, most nonprofits don’t have the internal resources or expertise to manage it and they aren’t seeing a significant return on their efforts.

I, however, have not lost hope that nonprofits can reap the benefits from this free advertising credit. In fact, one of our clients has found great success with using AdWords. Their grant, paired with a paid AdWords account, has connected hundreds of people with food stamp assistance.

So if you don’t think you have the time, resources, expertise or extra funds, how do you find success with AdWords?

If you don’t already have a Google Ad Grant, just apply. RIGHT NOW. It doesn’t take very long. Learn about the qualifications and restrictions here.

Already have an AdWords account? Track down that log-in and take a peek today. Have any campaigns been successful? Are the keywords and ad copy relevant?

Download this free ebook to get an introduction on AdWords. Then read some of our best practices for nonprofits like you.

Don’t have time? Use a tech savvy intern or executive assistant to read up on the subject and become AdWords Certified.

Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Pause all campaigns and start fresh. Choose one action you want an audience to take. Draft a few different ads to test against each other.

And lastly, ask for help – if you really want to knock it out of the park, find a certified professional. Search for a Google Partner Agency (like ArcStone!) or hire a freelancer. Start with an account audit and have them set up a few ads for you.

Even if you don’t use every penny, you can increase awareness, drive donations and attract volunteers with a Google Ad Grant for your nonprofit. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity and step up your nonprofit’s AdWords game.

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