Our Picks of Email Marketing Software for Nonprofits [Infographic]

Over the last several years, ArcStone has tried dozens of email marketing software services. Now we’ve sought out to compare three of the best viable options for our clients. Review the infographic below and then check out our advice regarding email marketing software for nonprofits specifically.

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Which email marketing software fits your nonprofit?

For a nonprofit just starting out, MailChimp may be your best bet. The basic plan will help you experiment with building email marketing campaigns, without a dent in your budget. What’s more, if you decide to go for a more advanced service, as a nonprofit you can receive a 15% discount from MailChimp. Since MailChimp functionalities tend to be some of the most advanced, you’re getting a good deal for great service.

If you already have a member of your team with strong design or technical experience, Constant Contact becomes a more affordable option. With a person to manage the accounts, the custom features give you plenty of functionality but at a better price than MailChimp or Emma. I would say a majority of the nonprofits that we connect with are using Constant Contact.

Lastly, if your audience depends largely on visuals/design quality, Emma may be worth the higher cost. They have the most customizable templates and a great team of friendly people to help!


To sign up for any of the above through ArcStone, or to simply gather some advice, reach out to our team.

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