Year-End Social Publishing – 5 Step Guide for Nonprofits

Here we go again: another year’s end on the horizon and a bit of anxiety as we realize how much more we have yet to accomplish. A recent webinar by a notable nonprofit marketing strategist, John Haydon, gave us some insightful tips and tricks on how to stay on top of your goals. Specifically […]

Audience Persona Development: A Guide from ArcStone

The development of personas is crucial in web design and marketing strategy, yet it is often overlooked. We put so much time and energy into producing content, keeping our social media accounts active and driving traffic to our site, but do we even know if our efforts are effective for our audience? Or better yet, if any of […]

Prepare for #GivingTuesday in 7 Steps

Before the big day arrives, you can prepare for Giving Tuesday early. Read on for 7 steps to take now that will help you out down the road. Plan out a social media strategy, keeping in mind that hashtags and imagery can increase click-through rates, especially those that include #GivingTuesday. First create […]


Nonprofits Market to Millennials, Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the profound impact millennials can have on your nonprofit. Knowing how to cater your nonprofit’s programs and projects to appeal to millennials was in part one, but knowing how to show them what you’re doing in the first place is perhaps an even greater feat. Read on for the […]

#1 Challenge Nonprofit Marketers Face? Managing Their Website

Every year, the marketing automation company, HubSpot, surveys thousands of marketers and salespeople — HubSpot customers and non-customers alike. They are polled on their biggest challenges, tactics they’ve used and the latest trends they are noticing over the past year. Among those surveyed, 5% were nonprofit marketers. Below is a summary […]


Not Fully Utilizing your Google Grant? Your Nonprofit is Missing Out

Over the past few months I have met with dozens of nonprofits. When asking about a Google Ad Grant, I typically get one of three responses. I have no idea what a Google Grant is, but wow, $10,000 a month in advertising would be great. Please send me more information. I think […]


What We’ve Learned Redesigning 5 Nonprofit Websites This Year

Redesigning, editing and maintaining your nonprofit’s website is crucial for your organization’s marketing success. During this process, many choices are made regarding what is and isn’t necessary for your site’s effectiveness. The following will help you gather some insight from the experts that could help when making your decisions. Over the years ArcStone has designed, built and […]


Wear a lot of Nonprofit Hats? Expand Your Digital Knowledge Base

In order to optimize resources and money, most nonprofits need to operate very lean. This usually results in staff with robust titles – such as Director of Development, Communications, Marketing and Events. But it’s likely they aren’t an expert in all those areas. Whether you are a novice or a pro when it […]


5 Affordable & Necessary Nonprofit Tech Tools

Last month the Entrepreneur did a series on the Essential Tools every start up can afford. Now we’d like to do the same for you, describing the best ways to optimize affordable nonprofit tech tools. 1. Web Design – Squarespace: If you don’t have the funds for a custom design now, Squarespace provides […]