Nonprofits Market to Millennials, Part 1

A few of us may be guilty in assuming that Millennials only spend time on their phones, addicted to technology and not really involved in the outside world. However, this view is rather outdated, with research showing that Millennials are eager to get involved politically, socially, fiscally and most notably, with […]

Facebook’s Donate Now Call-To-Action Feature

Seeing as it’s become many users’ platform of choice for staying active with social and political causes, Facebook has decided to open up their “donate now” call-to-action feature to all nonprofits. According to an article in Facebook’s donate now option was released back in December 2013, but that was only for a select […]

Flip Your Mission Statement to Craft a Better Homepage

Whenever I’m looking for great examples of nonprofit online marketing I seem to turn to “charity: water.” Their incredibly straightforward name, great design and simple mission allows them to be very effective marketers. charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. It can’t […]

Google Update! Using Customer Match to Engage Donors

The Latest from Google: Over the next few weeks a new feature, Customer Match, will be launched to improve Enhanced Campaigns. Read on to learn how you can optimize this for your nonprofit… *Do you have a Google AdWords Grant for your nonprofit? If you are unfamiliar or want some more help […]


How Do You Sum Up a Nonprofit Online?

If you are a nonprofit, it is likely that your organization has a pretty profound story to tell. You started with a single mission, and it’s grown and evolved through time. This rich history has been filled with impactful experiences, wonderful people, and progress – all of which accumulates into your story. So how […]

Cutting Through the Nonprofit Noise

We (ArcStone) started The Nerdy Nonprofit after noticing a gap in digital strategy and resources available to the nonprofit community. There is a lot of content out there focused on one-off tactics and tricks to help with aspects such as growing your Facebook following or writing a better newsletter. However, as a […]