Google Update! Using Customer Match to Engage Donors

The Latest from Google: Over the next few weeks a new feature, Customer Match, will be launched to improve Enhanced Campaigns. Read on to learn how you can optimize this for your nonprofit… *Do you have a Google AdWords Grant for your nonprofit? If you are unfamiliar or want some more help […]


How Do You Sum Up a Nonprofit Online?

If you are a nonprofit, it is likely that your organization has a pretty profound story to tell. You started with a single mission, and it’s grown and evolved through time. This rich history has been filled with impactful experiences, wonderful people, and progress – all of which accumulates into your story. So how […]

Cutting Through the Nonprofit Noise

We (ArcStone) started The Nerdy Nonprofit after noticing a gap in digital strategy and resources available to the nonprofit community. There is a lot of content out there focused on one-off tactics and tricks to help with aspects such as growing your Facebook following or writing a better newsletter. However, as a […]