Review of WordPress for Nonprofits


Why is it that 16 million websites use WordPress?

To explain why ArcStone and Idealware answer this question with a resounding “YES!” they paired up and put together a review of WordPress for nonprofits. The Landscape of WordPress for Nonprofits emphasizes how WordPress works especially well for this industry.

Let’s review what you’ll learn from this read:

1) First the review covers how to get started with WordPress; such as if you should go with an agency or do it yourself

2) Then it shifts to the reports primary focus: various plugins for nonprofits and how well they suit a nonprofit’s needs. They point to your options, review each plugin, and link to where you can find it. This includes capabilities for…

  •  Your Marketing Team

– easier content creation

– content management integration

– event calendars

– template & page builders

– social media & other communication tools integration

– analyzing your site’s performance

– SEO strategy

  • Your Tech Department

– automated backups

– search tools for your users

– transaction processing

– keeping your site secure

– creating website forms

Consider downloading the report – for you or a nonprofit you know – and contact us with any questions!