How to manage your Board of Directors during a nonprofit website design project

Your Board of Directors deserves a whole lot of credit for keeping your nonprofit alive. However, during a nonprofit website design project, we hear they tend to cause some issues. It’s likely your Board is full of wonderful, yet opinionated people, all of whom care deeply regarding where your nonprofit’s […]


Considering a new nonprofit brand? Start here.

Rebranding is difficult – remember New Coke or The Hut? It’s unlikely that you do: those brands failed miserably. If you don’t roll out your rebranding campaign with a thoughtful plan, your initiatives will most likely fall flat or worse yet, damage your image and undo the positive work you’ve done. […]

Nonprofit staff bonding or fundraiser idea – Olympics

In our ArcStone office, we were rather inspired by the athletes of Rio this year. Rather than merely watching the games, we decided to participate, to the best of our abilities. When you put together designers, developers and business gurus, the competition gets fierce. Continue reading if you want to take […]


What motivates people to take action for your cause? [Infographic]

Day to day, we often get caught up in many little things and neglect the bigger picture: what motivates us? Better yet, what motivates the people we work with and to whom we market towards? Same phenomena happens with your nonprofit. Donors, volunteers and the community at large says, “yeah, […]

Convincing Your Nonprofit Board Content Marketing Matters

Content marketing matters. And for reasons you or your nonprofit board of directors may not have guessed. In case you still need to convince those board members or your funders that content marketing is a worthy investment, this article can help. First, what exactly does content marketing mean? According to the Content Marketing Institute, […]