Is it time for your nonprofit to invest in a CRM?

For starters we should put this out there: we can’t answer the question above for you. Only your team knows where you’re at when it comes to bringing in new donors and managing current contacts. Only your team can assess whether or not a CRM tool is worth its weight […]


5 must-follow nonprofit newsletter tips to increase reader engagement

You can do a lot of website optimization and social media work to get people to pay attention to your nonprofit online, but nothing works quite like your email newsletter. Email is still seen as one of the best methods for converting web traffic into sales—or in your case, donations, […]


5 nonprofit newsletter tips for increasing engagement

Why do you bother to write a nonprofit newsletter each month? Is it to update your donors and members on the latest happenings? To get people to look at your site? Or is it just so you can cross it off your to-do list? Hold up. Your newsletter is your chance to […]


Nonprofits get ready for 2017 – December Nonprofit Marketing News

I think we can all agree that 2016 has been an interesting year. As December winds down, we here at ArcStone and The Nerdy Nonprofit are trying to focus on our accomplishments of the past year. Below are a few of the nonprofit websites we launched for our partners in 2016 and […]

5 reasons for nonprofits to be thankful – November Nonprofit Marketing News

Happy Thanksgiving! (Recipe from our team here ») A reminder of why your nonprofit can be thankful… – The Nerdy Nonprofit – November 2016 –  #1. Your own nonprofit work & all the good you do. Capterra posted “7 Reasons to Be Thankful for Nonprofits.” It’s a sweet and encouraging post you should […]

10 nonprofit website best practices + more – September Nonprofit Marketing News

What if you could show your donors first hand the problems your nonprofit is seeking to solve? Well HOPE International is doing exactly that with virtual reality. You can read more about the cool concept and impact here. – The Nerdy Nonprofit – September 2016 – Software: Does your nonprofit need marketing automation? From HubSpot Marketing automation software […]