Net neutrality: What this means for you as a nonprofit

Net neutrality is a topic many of us have overlooked. This needs to end now. We’ll explain what this hot button issue is all about and what you can do to prevent the negative impact some big companies are attempting to have on the internet. If you already understand the impact […]

Nonprofit web accessibility – a recap from experts.

You already understand the value of investing in a quality website. Unfortunately, many nonprofits don’t understand the value in ensuring their website is accessible. For many nonprofits, (whether they know it or not) it is already mandatory and for the rest, it soon will be. According to FMJ Law, “if your […]

The human, design and legal implications of web accessibility [Event]

ArcStone’s throwing an event later this month and would like you to come! The event, “The human, design and legal implications of web accessibility” covers some of the common questions about web accessibility. What does web accessibility really mean? What’s it like to use a screen reader to browse the web? […]