Olympics + your nonprofit – August Nonprofit Marketing News

With so much focus on fundraising in the nonprofit world, we often forget to reflect on what to do before we ask for money. This post, “Nonprofit marketing isn’t all about the ask” with thoughts from Gary Vaynerchuk, may help you reassess your messaging goals. More on what we found important to […]


What motivates people to take action for your cause? [Infographic]

Day to day, we often get caught up in many little things and neglect the bigger picture: what motivates us? Better yet, what motivates the people we work with and to whom we market towards? Same phenomena happens with your nonprofit. Donors, volunteers and the community at large says, “yeah, […]


How to microblog on Instagram as a nonprofit

We’ve already established that as nonprofit marketers, there’s never enough time to keep up with the social media sphere. Luckily, there are a few shortcuts here and there. One such method of building your brand efficiently: the microblog via Instagram. What is a microblog? In short, the microblog is a […]

A nonprofit’s guide to social media posts [Infographic]

Sometimes it’s tempting to hand all our social media accounts over to the youngest person on a nonprofit staff. They know social media better than you, right? The problem with that is they might not know your nonprofit as well as your senior staff does. Since establishing a strong voice on […]

A free (mini) website audit for your nonprofit

It’s tempting to keep things as-is as you try to conquer the day in the nonprofit realm, especially when it comes to your website. It’s challenging to take the time to review your current digital marketing progress, let along invest more of your tight budget into improving it. Despite this temptation, we all know […]

Focusing your nonprofit’s social media efforts [Podcast + Worksheet]

What are your greatest priorities when it comes to digital marketing? And what are some of the biggest obstacles your nonprofit faces as you pursue these goals? These are some of the questions we asked to the nonprofit marketing, tech and communications teams at the Nonprofit Tech and Communications Conference […]


Which social media networks should my nonprofit be on?

In episode 2 of our podcast we will hear from ArcStone’s co-owners on social media. They offer us a 5 step exercise you can apply to any nonprofit audience to help determine where to focus your social media energy. Listen whether you’re completely lost when it comes to social media or if you simply need to better target your various audiences.