Google for Nonprofits – Free tools your nonprofit shouldn’t miss

It can be thrilling to click through on all the “2017 predictions” or “what to do this New Year” headlines, but hold off for a minute! Before you do so, did you take a look at what Google has offered your nonprofit? Google just took a step back to recap 3 […]

Our favorite nonprofit websites of 2017

Although you don’t have the most money or the biggest team, nonprofits do have a leg up when it comes to grabbing attention and pulling heartstrings. They have more potential for the most compelling Unique Value Propositions, calls to action, video content and the like. If you can somehow come up […]


Can your nonprofit content marketing empower people (and earn them as supporters)?

Nonprofit content marketing often revolves around “the ask.” Generally speaking, a nonprofit marketing campaign’s ultimate goal is to drive funds, volunteers and support for their cause. Hence, most digital content leads towards a plea for help. What if, instead, your nonprofit refocused some of your content production goals; at creating content that empowers your audience. Rather than […]

Nonprofit staff bonding or fundraiser idea – Olympics

In our ArcStone office, we were rather inspired by the athletes of Rio this year. Rather than merely watching the games, we decided to participate, to the best of our abilities. When you put together designers, developers and business gurus, the competition gets fierce. Continue reading if you want to take […]

Why try nonprofit storytelling via video? Success story from Scholarship America

Every nonprofit has a story, and chances are it’s one that pulls on readers’ heartstrings. Scholarship America caught my attention through their Dreamkeepers video series, which showcases students who used the program’s emergency financial aid grants to stay in school. I reached out to their team and they excitedly shared how […]