WordPress for Nonprofits | The Right CMS for a Nonprofit


When ArcStone discusses a potential website redesign, we mainly recommend WordPress for nonprofits. I wanted to understand why this is and what makes this content management system beneficial to many website developers and marketing managers. To do so, I spoke with web developers Chris and Erin who underlined their favorite aspects of the software. I’ll point to how this works for nonprofits specifically as well.

* We recently partnered with Idealware to publish “The Landscape of WordPress for Nonprofits: A Report on the Current Marketplace for Plugins” – download it now!

It’s popular for a reason…

Many nonprofits use WordPress, indicating that it’s received good reviews and people find it satisfactory. Chris pointed to how it takes up a majority of the marketshare. For all sites, 59% of the market share (WPKube). 48% of Technorati’s top 100 blogs are managed with WordPress and 74.6 million sites use WordPress (ManageWP Blog).

In fact, some of our favorite nonprofit websites we’ve referenced in the past use it:

Invisible Children Homepage
charity: water Blog
Grist Website

It was made for storytelling, which is fundamental to your nonprofit’s success

Since its start, WordPress has been a go-to platform for content creation. It was launched as a blogging platform and then grew with additional features from there to make it what it is today. Considering that nonprofits have many a story to tell – about those in need, their cause, and success stories – it sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

Easy for any layperson to use…

If your nonprofit has a smaller team, it’s likely you have people wearing many hats. To increase efficiency, you need an easy way to plug in new content with recent updates to your fundraisers and success stories. WordPress has been viewed as an easy-to-use tool. Chris pointed to how it’s a less intimidating interface and our clients mostly find its UX commendable.

The amount of plugins available (29,000 according to the Manage WP Blog) and its easy integration with several tools (Hubspot, Mailchimp and Gravity Forms to name a few) also increases its ease of use. You can customize it in a way that makes it as efficient as possible for your specific needs.

“There is practically no limit to what someone can do using WordPress” (digital web success)

WordPress Dashboard

If your nonprofit would like to talk about switching over to WordPress or having ArcStone host your WordPress site, contact ArcStone and you’ll work with experts like Chris and Erin. For more on Nonprofit-specific WordPress use, review “WordPress for Non-Profit.”