Online Engagement Measurement for nonprofits – An offer to help you understand your site data

I have a nonprofit site… But now what?

What’s driving donations and what isn’t? Why do some volunteers signup through your online form while others do not? Is your message getting across to the right audience? Does your nonprofit website even show up in search results?

These are the questions most nonprofits ask and most don’t have the time to seek out answers for each time they need them.

Imagine opening up a digital dashboard and seeing the numbers you need to know right away. Maybe you’d want to know exactly how many visitors filled out your volunteer form that week compared to last, where they came from or why they left the form page. You’d know where to put your marketing budget, what efforts are working and what isn’t, and would have a better understanding of who is on your site in the first place.

We all know data such as Google Analytics is pretty central to digital marketing these days. We also all know how overwhelming it can be when first opening up a report and not having a plan of action for where to look. All the numbers could be useful to know, but only if you have time to analyze what they mean and then the time to apply them to your digital strategy.

In the end, the power of Google Analytics falls flat as you don’t end up informing many of your decisions with real data.

We want to make your digital marketing decisions easier, backed up by Google Analytics data

We have an offer going to set your Google Analytics account up for long-term benefits.

With this offer we will:

  • Review your Google Analytics account and customize what you view when you open it up
  • Build a report tailored to your strategy, automatically sending a weekly or monthly email update straight to your inbox (to use at your next Board meeting or in your yearly report)
  • Track your most important “Goals” to help you study the performance of your website and measure what strategies are working and what could be improved

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The benefits of having these reports set up for your nonprofit’s Google Analytics include:

  • A clearer understanding of your donors, volunteers and general site user’s
  • A starting point for any of your future site updates, forms, calls to action and landing pages
  • Better metrics for calculating the financial benefit of your website
  • Easy to share reports for your Board of Directors, staff and donors

Example nonprofit Google Analytics custom report: 


Ready to take advantage of your Google Analytics insight?

Sign up for the offer and start the new year off strong (and the many new years to come)»!