Transition to Digital Marketing

Steps for making the shift to digital marketing for nonprofits

For today’s nonprofits, marketing means putting a great deal of effort into reaching customers online, where they spend the most time. As you make that transition, though, it’s also important to stay grounded in traditional efforts to make sure you’re reaching the biggest audience possible. Here are a few ways you can gradually ease into digital marketing without losing your traditional focus.

Set Up an Online Presence

One of the first steps you should take before launching any new promotion is to set up a strong online presence. This includes a presence on the social media platforms most relevant to your own audience. You should also set up a website that makes it easy for supporters to donate or purchase tickets to your upcoming event. As you distribute marketing messages online, it will be far easier to convert readers into customers if they have a link they can click to place orders.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Each year, Walker Methodist hosts a popular fundraiser called Stride for Seniors. While other organizations rely solely on either traditional or digital marketing, Walker Methodist sees the benefit of both types of marketing and incorporates a hybrid approach that makes each year an even bigger success. You can expand your reach by making sure your marketing efforts combine traditional and digital.

Move Offline Customers Online

Digital marketing doesn’t mean you have to do away with tried and true print marketing approaches like flyers and brochures. It just means that when you do use those items, they should entice potential supporters to check out your website or sign up through a specialized event page. When the event finally takes place, any takeaways you print should urge attendees to sign up for your email newsletter or follow you on social media.

Make Your Efforts Social

Every new marketing effort should kick off with a hashtag, whether it’s fundraising season or you’re planning a big event. Incentivize participants to share on social media using that hashtag by offering a door prize based on a drawing from the names of those who have shared. Ask your volunteers and employees to regularly share using that hashtag, including adding it to the description of all pictures and videos they upload to their own personal social media accounts.

Interact Online

Community engagement goes beyond meeting your neighbors in person. Through sites like LinkedIn and Twitter you can track down others in your immediate area and support them. Chances are, they’ll start to take notice of the hard work your nonprofit is doing. You should also check out community Facebook groups and become an active participant. When you do have an event to promote, you’ll be a recognized member and therefore be much more likely to generate support.

Nonprofit marketing has plenty of unique challenges, but an online approach can help you get the results you want. Continue to nurture the traditional marketing approaches that work for you but find ways to combine them with your new digital efforts for an approach that broadens your reach.

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