Ways to milk your content for all it’s worth

It goes without saying your nonprofit needs ways to save money. However, this does not mean you should avoid spending it, it means you have to be even wiser about ensuring your investments pay off. Given that content marketing is an expensive endeavor, we believe in its power and can’t have you cast it aside just because of its cost. For our clients and now you, we have sought out ways to maximize the investment for your nonprofit.

It starts with a solid content marketing team structure

We know it’s unlikely you have enough resources to flush out a full-fledged content marketing team. Instead, you’ll want to find ways to establish a more sustainable structure, specific to your nonprofit.

  • First, compile a list of your all-star authors. These are the folks with the most knowledge regarding your nonprofit and those who appear most glamorous to your readers. Think your nonprofit’s CEO or Development Director.
  • Now, since they unlikely have any time to write, optimize and share a full post. You will also need writers – they can be the ones who interview the CEO for a piece and research and write posts from their own perspective.
  • But though they might be your strongest writers, they probably don’t have time to coordinate all of this and ensure the post also gets shared and published. Your final piece of the puzzle should be someone with the most time in their schedule and willingness to take responsibility for your blog. They can be those that organize the Trello board, interview your CEO and coordinate contributors. This might be a good job for your interns.
  • Lastly, if you can’t get enough people to produce content, you may turn to freelancers. We analyzed some pros and cons and shared ideas on how to best use freelance writers – they might just be the perfect addition to your structure.

To organize all these different roles, we work with Trello. View our structure of organizing this in, How to use Trello to organize and execute your content marketing strategy.


Utilize Quid Pro Quo Content

If your writing roster is filling up enough within your team, you may also want to take advantage of guest contributors or sharing others’ posts. You simply have to find content that feels relevant for your blog, contact the writer and ask if they’d be interested in guest blogging. This is usually done for free as it helps them market themselves. If they don’t have the time to write a new post, you can also just share their existing ones as long as you specify it’s from them and link back to the original.

Shout out to our guest contributors, Kayla MatthewsKate Metzger, Megan Wells and Phil Frost who have written awesome content for The Nerdy Nonprofit. 

Produce Evergreen content

Content that stands the test of time is hugely beneficial to any blog but especially nonprofits as it’s probably the content with the largest bang for your buck. This means writing content that is not just relevant this season but is also a good resource for readers for the long haul.

Some pro tips include:

  • Think searcher-friendly when coming up with titles: Evergreen content is helpful for SEO as people won’t stop searching for it and clicking on it, therefore, its power builds on itself over time. You’ll want titles that match what people might search, like “how (your nonprofit) helps (your cause).”
  • Produce content that tells your nonprofit’s story, how your nonprofit works, who you impact, stories about those you impact, etc.
  • Consider churning out one of these posts for every three you write so you have a solid base of it.

Read more about the do’s and don’ts of Evergreen content in this post from The Balance.

Maximize your best ideas

We often overlook how much time it takes to come up with good ideas for your blog. Think about all the minutes you might spend pouring over other content to come up with that one original idea. This means that once you finally nail it down, you’ll want to milk it for all it’s worth.

Take video for example. Our video producer, Nick, explains this fully in the post “How to produce a nonprofit video, and make it last.” When you invest in a video, you’re not just buying one long video.


Here are ways to maximize your investment in a bigger piece of content:

  • Film it in a way so that you can post just a few pieces of it at a time.
  • Write posts diving deeper into each subject.
  • Transcribe the audio content into blog posts or ebooks.
  • Use the video audio as podcast content.

Upcycle old content

Along similar lines, you can reuse old content again and again.

How to upcycle content:

  • Compile posts on one topic into an ebook or infographic.
  • Rewrite older posts to update the research.
  • Create a week or year in review posts where you re-post your top content of that time period


If you want help producing more recyclable, everlasting content, contact ArcStone today and we can help you come up with a strategy!