Facebook’s Donate Now Call-To-Action Feature

Seeing as it’s become many users’ platform of choice for staying active with social and political causes, Facebook has decided to open up their “donate now” call-to-action feature to all nonprofits. According to an article in Facebook’s donate now option was released back in December 2013, but that was only for a select group of larger nonprofits.

Seeing as calls-to-action are one of the best methods for getting web users to come to your site AND donate, you should incorporate this feature to your nonprofit’s Facebook page.

A few notable points:

  • Previous CTA’s like these, brought users to an internal Facebook page, but this updated version will bring users to your site/ your donation page, outside of the social network. This can help drive more traffic to your site and keep your donations under one roof.
  • If “liking” and “following” your nonprofit’s Facebook page got users to feel more involved before, imagine what the “donate now” icon right next to this could make them feel. It takes them one step further into helping your organization.
  • Keep your donation page up-to-date so that when users do click through, they are sent to a user-friendly page. This way, they will actually “donate now” with no distractions or difficulties.
  • How? Click on the “edit call to action” option under your Facebook page’s top menu, select the “donate now” feature, insert the link to your nonprofit’s page, and finally, test the feature to ensure it brings users to your site.
  • You can now more easily draw the 1.5 Billion users on Facebook to donate

Learn more on the Facebook for Business page.