Nonprofit Content Marketing: Metrics to Track and Tools to Get Started

When it comes to nonprofit marketing, storytelling should be #1.  Stories + your mission are the common thread that connects staff, donors, volunteers and the general public. Because of this, content marketing should always be a part of your strategy.

According to Content Marketing Institute,

61% of nonprofit marketers use content marketing.

Despite storytelling and content being extremely valuable, only 35% of marketers said their organization is effective at it. It is time consuming, slow to show return on investment and requires consistent effort and focus.

To increase the effectiveness of your nonprofit content marketing, you first need to consider what metrics are important.

– Traffic – the number of visitors to your blog, videos, etc. directly impacts all other metrics. Without it, you can’t expect to see more engagement. Be sure the content is high quality and focused on audience/goals. For more on constructing your audience and targeting them through content, read about ArcStone’s nonprofit tech talk.

– Conversions – your database of contacts and segmented email lists are one of your most valuable assets. Be sure to measure conversion or subscribe rate.

 – Shares – unlike in many other industries, the share-ability of nonprofit content is much higher. This should be a focus.

These seem incredibly obvious, but without diligently measuring results you will forever consider your content marketing efforts ineffective.

The other big roadblock to successful nonprofit content? Getting started. Here are some important tools to make it easy.


– WordPress or other platform with a simple blog template

– Social publishing tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite to track engagement

– Email tool such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, your nonprofit database software, etc.

SumoMe for email collection

– Google analytics to track metrics and best sources: read ArcStone’s best practices and set up blog

Evernote or Google Docs for post collaboration

To take advantage of the most effective form of marketing for nonprofits, you need to really dive in. Luckily, with the help of the above tools, it’s definitely doable.