A Nonprofit Donation Wish List – How Amazon Can Help Your Nonprofit

*Updated on May 23, 2019.

One of our web design clients found a creative way to pull in some donations, so we thought we’d share some inspiration. YouthLink, a Minnesota-based nonprofit helping homeless youth, has a nonprofit donation wish list on Amazon to help bring supplies in. Amazon is making donations easy as a click of a few buttons!


How Amazon Wish List helps:

YouthLink takes in homeless youth and aids in finding temporary or permanent housing, furthering their schooling, and provides access to valuable resources. The way this works is they can live in a transitional apartment with the help of the organization’s facilities and then eventually into a place of their own. With this, YouthLink depends on generous donors who help with expenses and basic living supplies.

That’s why Amazon is a great fit for the nonprofit. Donors can help youth with just a few steps on this trusted shopping site. Amazon even sends the supplies right to YouthLink so donors don’t have to bring in or send the supplies themselves.


How this works:

Functioning similarly to a wedding registry, YouthLink enters their Amazon Wish List items based on what their users need. They can add a quote to the item to emphasize how important the item is. They can even note how high of a priority the item is and how many they need so they can draw attention to the most necessary commodities.


Amazon shoppers can quickly add to their cart and it’ll ship to the YouthLink center.

To learn more about getting this started visit the Amazon Help Center.



How else is Amazon Helping Nonprofits?


If you shop on rather than the normal site, your purchase automatically donates a portion of this money, with NO cost to you. Nothing about your shopping experience changes except before you purchase your items, you get to choose from nearly a million organizations to determine where your donation will go. Read the AmazonSmile program details


There are a few products for which this doesn’t apply so check to see that a product is marked as “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation.” If you want your nonprofit to be on Amazon’s list of organizations you can go to

Sweepstake’s Program

If you’re looking to draw attention to your cause with prizes, you can use the latest – Amazon Giveaway.

You simply choose from one of the eligible items on the site, select and buy the giveaway item, share your link to your following, and in the end, the winner gets the gift shipped directly to them.

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