Nonprofits Market to Millennials, Part 1


A few of us may be guilty in assuming that Millennials only spend time on their phones, addicted to technology and not really involved in the outside world. However, this view is rather outdated, with research showing that Millennials are eager to get involved politically, socially, fiscally and most notably, with nonprofits.

In a report from 2013 called the “Millennial Impact Research Report,” we can see that 72 percent of Millennials are excited about participating in a nonprofit organization. What is more, 50 percent are interested in giving to a charitable organization on a monthly basis (Huffington Post). Most significant of all, according to the 2015 report, 84 percent of those surveyed gave to a charitable organization.

So how does your nonprofit take advantage of that kind of data? Read on to understand how nonprofits market to Millennials in order to take advantage of their unique wants and needs.

To grab the attention of these willing and energetic 18-34 year olds, start with our first step…

1. Know how they want to and are able to be involved:

  • According to Saul Garlic, Think Impact’s founder and CEO, Millennials want a hands-on experience,

“Millennials are looking for authentic ways to make a difference. That means they want transparency, they want immediacy, and they want to be a part of the critical equal. The more direct the interaction, the powerful the experience. Millennials want to be able to see the change personally.”

Provide these opportunities by crafting events, trips or programs specifically for Millennials. Understand their schedule so they can easily come to an event (after work happy hour anyone?), find affordable packages for trips (ones they can take with friends or coworkers), and create programs (perhaps career mentorship programs for high schoolers).

  • They tend to donate in small increments. The bulk of donations fall in the $100-$250 range. If your nonprofit can demonstrate that small amounts go a long way, a Millennial might be more likely to hit your “donate now” CTA. This can add up, especially if they tell their friends and family and it feels easy to donate a little bit on a monthly basis.
  • According to the 2015 report, 45 percent of the Millennials that volunteered last year did so through their work place. This could be because they were passionate about the cause their company chose, they more-easily recognized that their work talents could impact more than just their job, their coworkers encouraged them, or they simply got some sort of credit through their employer. Whatever it may be, your nonprofit should market to companies and think up programs in which larger groups can partake.

In the next two posts we will discuss where you can most effectively reach Millennials online and how to emphasize the aspects of your nonprofit’s mission in a way that most resonates with them.

Want more information now? Here’s a post done on Attracting Millennial Donors or you can contact ArcStone to strategize on more ways to market effectively.