Governance, Guidelines, SEO, and Your Nonprofit

Governance doesn’t sound very fun, and for most people, it’s not. But there are some people who thrive on the fine points of grammar and silently correct people in their heads all day long. If you know someone like that at your nonprofit, you may want to enlist their help […]


5 Easy Ways to Promote on Social Media When You Don’t Have a Following

Social media is easy if you have hundreds of thousands of followers. Post an update, answer any questions, and wait for results. Unfortunately, it takes time to build that kind of following organically, and until then, you’ll still need to get the word out about what you’re doing. The good […]


Creating Effective Calls to Action – CTA’s

Every marketing effort has a goal. Whether it’s a Facebook post or an email drip campaign, you want your audience to take action. But many organizations miss that opportunity because they fail to do one very important thing: include a call to action within their copy. There’s an art to […]


Digital Marketing Roles Explained

An organization’s marketing team can make a big impact, boosting efforts and attracting more attention to its efforts. Whether you have a full marketing team or one person doing everything, there are very specific roles when it comes to digital marketing. By taking a look at each of those roles […]

Blogging Dos and Don'ts for Nonprofits

Blogging Do’s and Don’ts – A Guide for Nonprofits

If you want to show up prominently in search results, your site needs fresh content on a regular basis. But a good blog goes beyond merely ensuring potential supporters can find you in a Google search. It also gives those supporters a reason to come back on a regular basis […]

Using Chatbots on Your Nonprofit Website

Are Chatbots the Right Choice for Your Nonprofit Website?

Those pop-ups in the bottom corner of a website can be annoying. But when you have a question or need help, suddenly you realize just how useful they are. Although chatbots have become extremely popular on for-profit business sites, especially with millennial customers, nonprofit organizations have yet to adopt the […]

6 Tips fro Attracting New Donoros

6 Tips for Attracting New Donors

Nonprofits often rely heavily on their donors and volunteers. Once you’ve built a steady foundation of loyal supporters, though, it’s important to regularly add to that in order to keep moving forward. But bringing in new donors can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a marketing background. Fortunately, there […]

Marketing Foundations

Before driving engagement online, you may need a better marketing foundation

When we ask nonprofits about their future digital goals they usually have some similar components in their answers… engagement and awareness. Engagement and awareness typically align with increased marketing activity and promotion of your mission and story. Increased engagement online is great, but one thing to consider before diving into […]

giving tuesday

#GivingTuesday is Coming! Are You Ready?

November is here and the holidays are coming. Depending on who you ask, the holidays conjure up many different things. The shoppers among us set their alarm clocks so they could get in on the best Black Friday deals. Thankfully, the pendulum has swung back the other way and many […]